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[TWC] is it ok to lie about the cable modem model number?

i saw old thread talking about motorola SB6120 works in Manhattan, but their new rules seems won't activate any model not list on their support list, i want to just lie to them the model is "sb6121", so i can save my time to explain.

few days ago i tried another model.

i bought a used Cisco DPC3010 because it's only $40, and amazon has at least 3 reviewers said it work.

when i received the modem, tried it (before contact TWC), it shows a webpage to call them to activate, i guess that means supported?

they won't help me activate it when i say the real model, so i lied it's a older cisco model(on their list), they activated it (they know i was using their modem to chat with them, so they activated it because i didn't even connect the modem yet), but it didn't work, even they can "see" the modem at their end, and the MAC address is added to the account. i guess they really don't have the setting files for this model? not because i lied?

MAC address is still the only thing needed to activate, right?

but why it can still show the webpage tell me to call? still doesn't mean they have the setting file for the modem?

Naples, FL

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Or, they caught you in a lie and shut your modem off? Why would you think it's ok to lie? They have requirements for specific models for a reason



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reply to KeyLogger
You do know they can see the model number/manufacturer of your router once they have the MAC and it's hooked into their system, right?

There should be no reason it won't work, but if it doesn't, quit trying to be sneaky and get one of their supported modems. They've expanded the list from just Motorola now, so you have even more choices.


Cortland, NY
reply to KeyLogger
If you call and ask politely they do activate other modems - they turned on my SBG900 (not on the list - but its the same they used to use).

A modem uses a TFTP config file so lying isn't really a good idea for you.



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reply to KeyLogger
never mind.
i just bought a SB6141 for $75


Pacific Palisades, CA
·Time Warner Cable
I got TWC in Los Angeles to activate my Cisco DPC3010 Cable Modem and it works fine. As long as its DOSCIS 3.0 capable and has a number, they can and are able to activate it. Funny thing, I still have my original Arris modem in place for telco service only, and am no longer paying monthly for it.