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Re: [Need Info] iDEN Ending June 30, Must Buy New Phone

As far as the signal is concerned: If you can find a relatively modern Sprint phone (anything after they dropped the 'PCS' marketing, just to be on the safe side so it is using current bands. I have no clue how much has changed since that era.) even if it is not active and see what kind of signals it reports in your area.

Side note if you are currently with Boost, if they haven't changed policies recently, there are a small handful of Sprint branded phones that can be activated on there if you do not like Boost's own limited selection. Best bet is to take a look at the Boost section of HowardForums. There's a detailed list and FAQ on this. I used to be with them a little over a year ago and had a Moto Sprint Q9C activated no problems. No flashing necessary, at worst the CSR's walk you through manual programming but after that it is straightforward and functions flawlessly.

Worst case if the Boost CDMA scenario is not to your liking, there are many other prepaid providers out there that could suit your needs. I am actually currently with Page Plus (Verizon MVNO) mainly because I was gifted a Droid I wanted to use. They do have a PayGo plan (dubbed the 'Standard Plan' on their site) which has no extra fees and works like Boost's PayGo service. They use Verizon's network and allow roaming on Sprint if necessary at a slightly elevated per minute cost. Plus side is they will activate ANY Verizon phone as long as it is not 4G and any Verizon Prepaid phone that has not been active for 6 months. All Verizon phones will OTA program natively (Dial *228, follow prompts, wait, done) and get you up and running.

Some food for thought. Hope that helps! Kinda sad to see iDEN go, personally. But it was aging, FWIW. I still keep a couple phones around though for the MotoTalk function. Have a functioning digital walkie talkie set even after the Nextel network is shut down!
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