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Kitchener, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to chrisl83

Re: The Cash Grab Is On

said by chrisl83:

Residents of New Brunswick who do not wish to accept any applicable rate increase may choose to cancel the service(s) affected by the rate increase(s). Any applicable early cancellation fee, device savings recovery fee or service deactivation fee will apply."

How the fuck is that legal?

Yeah that is a scary one. They can raise rates but if you don't like it and want to cancel you can get still get slammed with ECF. How are consumers getting any protection here. On one hand rates can go up as much as like while they hold you hostage with the other hand holding exorbitantly high cancellation fees over your head.

As for our fees with TSI i think we're safe until the migration to aggregated POI. I expect some changes at that point.