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Evans, GA
reply to Cptbeatstix

Re: Holy dps?!?!?!

said by Cptbeatstix:

Thinking that its just unbalanced for leveling I logged and got on my tank to do an LFR. I saw a priest pulling about 62k dps. Thinking that was pretty best for shadow, I looked again and all I see is Smite-SW:P-Holy fire. What the balls, over???

Yes, this is what I was talking about in the Priest Healing Priest forum. Holy DPS is actually pretty solid. Now you can pull 30k dps without a drop in healing as Disc, or as Holy you can trade healing for solid dps... and can swap back to healing 30sec later by simply changing your Chakra. It's a lot of fun and the best way for a dual-healing priest to knock out dailies.

»Re: [Classes] 5.0.4 Holy DPS Priest, Batman!
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Carrollton, TX
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I've playing it as dps for the past couple of days and have been crushing people. Mind you, I have no BoA gear at all. I did switch to my shadow set which is mostly crit and haste. I'm just surprised at that massive utility that they have now. Like you said Immer, dps one second, off-healing the next. I'll still stick to my disc spec to heal since I am the most familiar with it.