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Avilla, IN

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Westell 7500 Port Forwarding Question

I own a westell 7500 modem.

I have the firewall set on Medium. Meaning the NAT is enabled and I can setup port forwarding if needed.

Part I'm confused about is the port forwarding options,

After selecting TCP and/or UPD it asks for directions and port directions.

Directions are "IN" or "OUT". If "IN" is selected the port direction defaults to "DST"(destination).

If "out" is selected for the port direction I can choose between SRC or DST (source or destination)

Reason I'm asking this is I need to know how to correctly configure port forwarding.

I've been selecting "OUT" and "DST" but I don't think is the correct way of setting it up. It seems to work on some applications but not all.

For example.. Heroes of Newerth(a game) I can connect and play the game fine but some of the features don't working correctly.(Like In Game VoIP)

Requires Ports :

TCP:80 (login/update),
TCP:11031 (chatserver)
UDP:11235-11335 (game servers)

My old modem I could just put in TCP/UPD and port numbers and I was done but this new modem now has the options for "directions"

Do I need to setup a "IN" and "OUT" for each TCP or UPD port and on top of that do I need to do "SRC" and "DST" for the "OUT" option...

Will I need to make 3 rules per tcp or upd port?

Bloody confusing to me.


Avilla, IN

I've looked around on portforwarding's website and all the port forwards on there just show "IN" "DST"

I guess I'll rewrite all my port forwards tonight at "IN" "DST" and see if that works.

If anyone can explain it all that would be great if not I guess I'll just keep guessing.


Avilla, IN

I've read that the predefined rules can be assigned as inbound and outbound or BOTH.

When you create a custom service there isn't a option for "Both"

So... You must create a IN and OUT both at DST per port configuration... kind of annoying but I'll try this out tonight.

If anyone has done this or has experience with this modem/port forwarding Let me know what you've ran into..


they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
reply to OOMJR

Look for the UPnP option in the router and enable it. This should allow port handling to be done automatically. Unless you are hosting, you shouldn't need to do any port forwarding. If you still have trouble with in-game chat, try setting up one inbound forward rule with the IP of the gaming system as the destination.