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Arlington, TX
reply to bluepoint

Re: upstream bonding/ 5 or more downstream thread.

said by bluepoint:

said by motorola870:

you have to remember Kansas City is not 100% bonding on the upstream yet so they can't rollout the faster uploads yet.

Do you really think TWC will update KC's clunker upload speeds? Probably you're correct it doesn't make sense to bond upload channels if they're not going to use it, however, they have a reputation of not caring about the upload speeds so the question is, for how long?

I did not say that! I meant is not possible to upgrade the upload speeds if they have not rolled out upstream bonding. kg who is a member here at broadband reports says that parts of Kansas City already have upstream bonding they are just waiting on the rest of the area to have upstream bonding enabled to offer the faster uploads.

Also TWC is expanding upstream bonding to markets where they don't have major competition such as Hawaii, and Columbus OH.


Mililani, HI

I hope Oceanic Cable here in Hawaii increases their upload speeds soon! Local competitor is offering 10Mbps upload speeds along with 50Mbps downloads! I'm also hearing that local competitor is slowly testing fiber to premises in certain areas!


Westerville, OH
reply to motorola870

Why is Columbus a no competition market? I have TWC, WOW and AT&T U-verse all available at my house. TWC and WOW are tied right now with 50/5 offering, even though WOW is a few $ cheaper per month. Wish TWC would upgrade the area to 100+. AT&T U-verse is of course no competition with their 24/3 max.