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reply to plencnerb

Re: [IPv6] Issues with IPv6 and pfsense [SOLVED]

said by plencnerb:

Are you talking about the section that I posted above in pic #1? That section is on the WAN interface configuration.

If so, the values that I can select there are shown in pic #2. Does not look like I have the option to set that to be /128, unless I'm looking in the wrong spot.


I am not very familiar with pfsense, but everything I have seen in this and other forums discussing how Comcast assigns IPv6 addresses has implied that a standalone PC or a router WAN interface should receive a /128 IPv6 address beginning with 2001:558:xxxx:yy.

I don't have access to the hidden OpenWRT configuration in my Comcast supplied Netgear router and the only workable WAN options I have available are "Auto Detect" and "DHCP", and both give me a /64 IP address assignment. I know someone with a D-Link router, and that router does not explicitly have a selection choice for the WAN IP address allocation size either, but his router does get a /128 from Comcast, and his router's WAN IPv6 address is stable.

If you can't manually select a /128 preference for the WAN allocation size in pfsense, perhaps selecting "None" might work?