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Joliet, IL

Wheel refinishing SW burbs - Joliet

I'm looking for some advice/recommendations on getting the wheels on my car refinished. The OEM finish has cracked and is flaking off, unfortunately I'm not getting any warranty coverage. So what I wanted to do was have the entire wheel painted black with the raised portions painted to match the car.

here is an example: »www.decodir.com/2009/12/2010-kia ··· -wheels/

In my case the car is alien green, so the polished part of the wheel would be green.

Does anyone know of a reputable shop that can do this kind of work in the SW burbs? I need someone who can handle the entire process, unmounting, TPMS, remounting and balancing... I have no place to store the car off the ground with all 4 wheels removed.

Has anyone had experience with painted wheels in the Chicagoland winters?

Any thoughts on powder coating VS painting?

Thanks in advance.

Lisle, IL
I personally would go with powder coating. I don't personally know of any places but protekpowdercoating.com is in Joliet. Their site is kind of a nightmare but I wouldn't judge by that. The guy I bring my motorcycle too has a site that looks like it was designed by Homer Simpson. His shop is awesome though. I'd call them and see what they say.

Naperville, IL
reply to cmslick3
did you check into pricing for new wheels? It may be cost prohibitive to do what you are looking for.