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INTEL(igent) Way thru the Walled-Garden

The most effective way for Intel, Google, Apple or any other IP-based service to scale tv's walled garden is to partner with the mso's vs competing with them. Sure, they might be able to nibble around the edges by launching virtual services with hybrid channel line-ups & more robust, cloud-based UI's...but there's no reason they shouldn't just integrate the mso's IP streaming services to fill the gaps in commercial-grade programming. In addition to saving them billions, it would allow them to concentrate on what they do best. Apple pioneered this model in the mobile space when it forged the first carrier deal, so there's no reason a similar approach won't work with major cable/sat providers. Instead of the silo'd (and very fragmented) approach we have today, it would also allow the industry to deliver more uniform, integrated services to consumers...with more freedom of choice from a device and OS perspective. Especially now that cable and satellite providers are pushing (authenticated) linear channels over IP, there's no reason these channels shouldn't be accessible via the device of choice...whether it be xBox, AppleTV, or Intel, Roku...LG, Samsung, Funai...or new, more converged services we've yet to see. As long as the content is properly authenticated (just like cell service is authenticated by the iPhone)...its just a matter of UI, navigation and co-branding. Time will tell...



It should be obvious to everybody, especially TV plutocrats, that all TV will end up online (broadcast TV will disappear and be reallocated for communications), and much of it (the good stuff) will cost something extra. The cable/TV kings are going to be castrated and/or competed out of existence by features nobody even knows about now, and they can only slow it down, not stop it.

After it happens, people will wonder why it took so long.