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This is a sub-selection from There are lots of different speeds.

Orlando, FL
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reply to ArizonaSteve

Re: There are lots of different speeds.

said by ArizonaSteve:

I don't understand why you are still complaining or what the "Lol, wut?" comment is about since they still can't put towers everywhere on earth to satisfy everyone with good service no matter where they might be! A lot of the towers are still just 2G GSM with Edge and will take a long time to replace with updated service. Now that they are moving 3G from 1700Mhz to 1900Mhz it's getting better though. My old Samsung 4G Exhibit II that was never of any use since there aren't many 4G towers around has started working again now that a tower just a block from me has been converted to 1900Mhz!
BTW, too bad you got a Windows Phone 7 that doesn't have any apps but if you want to upgrade you can always buy a used Samsung Galaxy S-II on ebay and put your SIM in it.

I'm not complaining, I'm stating facts. Then you came in and crapped on my review. T-Mobile refarming their 1900mhz spectrum has nothing to do with stock T-Mobile phones suddenly getting HSPA service. And lastly, since informing potential customers of a certain service is the intention of the DSLR review section I recommended it to people that don't go very far from where it works. I don't expect any company, especially a value carrier to have service everywhere but I do want people to be aware of how sketchy it can be.

This is a sub-selection from There are lots of different speeds.