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Staten Island, NY

[Northeast] How do I get a "new" DVR?

I got my Fios TV self install package last night. I was pretty upset. The DVR and one of the STB's look like someone used them as hockey pucks in their basement. They were badly scratched up and dirty. I called Verizon and was directed to one of their stores. I was able to get a new STB but none of the stores in the Brooklyn-SI-Manhattan area had any new DVR's, only refurbished ones. I called Verizon and they said they could put in an order for a replacement but they couldn't tell what I might get. Does anyone know how to get a "new" HD DVR? If I take a refurbished one, can I still keep looking for a new one? If so for how long?


Howell, NJ
no way to guarentee to get a brand new one.


reply to ScottB
said by ScottB:

Does anyone know how to get a "new" HD DVR?

One way: buy your own TiVo (essentially, any device not provided by Verizon). The only refurb I've ever objected to was one that smelled like a cigarette butt (still burning) when it was turned on; so, if it's only scratched up & dirty, but still works...


Scarborough, ON
reply to ScottB
Verizon and most other MSOs only give their customers the option to rent their equipment. If a customer cancels their service or exchanges their equipment for whatever reason, do you think that equipment just ends up in the trash? If they threw every returned box in the trash and kept buying new ones they would be out of business. So no, chances are you're not going to get a new one.


Staten Island, NY
All true but it doesn't answer the question. Some customers are getting new boxes to replace the ones that cannot be refurbished. If Verizon could fulfill all it's new orders for service with recycled boxes, they wouldn't be making much money.


Staten Island, NY
reply to ScottB
Whatever STB's are in stock, is what you get.

Sometimes the only DVR in stock is the 7232.


Santa Monica, CA
The 7232 DVR is pretty good. It sure beats the 6xxx DVR that the first installer put in, insisting that it had 500 gb storage rather than 160 gb.



Feasterville Trevose, PA
I guess I lucked out then when I traded in my STD STB boxes and received three brand new HD boxes and one DVR. I did travel to the store inside the city limits to ensure the exchange as I was aware of the some of the crap VZ has shipped out.