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London, ON
reply to Mark777

Re: Teksavvy = lip service, no action

said by Mark777 :

AGAIN Can ANYONE please explain how I can have full DSL sync, and Teksavvy support communicating with my modem and confirming the DSL sync, good line stats and modem operation, all the while with the DSL light on my 2 wire modem solid green but the internet light solid red (and obviously no internet) all throughout this testing?

I can tell you that I had this *exact* same problem a few months back.
I believe the key point is the 2 log-ons that the system is seeing.

What I did to resolve this problem is
1) If you don't have MLPPP service, and your router is capable of MLPPP, be 100% sure that MLPPP is disabled!
2) make sure your modem is bridged (dumb modem) so not both your router and modem are attempting to log into TSI.

Mine had log on info in both for 7 years without an issue until this issue cropped up 3-4 months ago. I could not access the internet for more than a few minutes after rebooting the modem, until I made the above changes to the modem settings.
Everything has been 100% since then.

Good Luck!



Thank you for the thoughts, but I've tried changing modems, ensuring the modem is bridged, and it makes no difference. I do have MLPPP service and the router is set accordingly.

Andre is trying to claim that because I got 20 minutes of service (2 months ago) without a router that the router is the problem.

Jon told me on the phone that the problem appears to be time outs at the node.

THis is a Bell/Teksavvy problem and they won't do anything about it.

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON

Hi Mark,

What I am saying is that all of the signs point to the equipment you are using, and more recently possibly caused by the SLPPP service you had in conjuction with your equipment.

Jon did not agree or deny that it the Node is carrying the issue, he was just trying to get your stuff fixed.

You were basically asking him to put a ticket through and waive the DMC, which is why he came to me. I told him no until we can rule out the equipment which is what he is trying to help you out with.

At the end of the day, I have my fingers crossed that the recent changes you both have made on the last call will resolve your issue once and for all. If not, and nothing is unchanged on your setup, I will be more than willing to get Bell out there.


TSI Andre
Director of Service Delivery
Authorized TekSavvy Employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )
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London, ON
reply to Mark777

If Mark has already tried connecting his PC direct to the modem (bridged mode) and uses Windows build in PPPOE to test connection and still problem, it should not be his equipment. JMO

reply to TSI Andre

This is why I got away from DSL anything. Its too much head ache at the end of the day. I have had very little issues with my Tek cable.


·TekSavvy DSL

said by Leathal:

This is why I got away from DSL anything. Its too much head ache at the end of the day. I have had very little issues with my Tek cable.

I've had only 1 issue with SLPPP - the major difference for me is upload. Cable just doesn't compare and it makes such a big difference.