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Re: MacBook Pro 13 (Latest 2012 Version) Sleep Issues

said by wayouteast :

Same problem here: brand new MBP 13" running 10.8.2 (12C2034). Software Updates says there are no updates available.

The wake on power removal is odd, but more annoying is that mine then goes into hibernate mode (I'm guessing... power light stays off and I have to press power button to wake) and then I'm forced to enter my password twice to sign back in!

(I'm presuming that the first entry is to unlock the encryption key that was purged from memory, based on the visual feedback, but I don't see why I should have to enter it twice, when I wouldn't have to from a cold boot.)

Somethin' weird is going on... I'm somewhat comforted that I'm not alone, though. Crazy that it's on DSL Reports that I found this info, not on an Apple site, though!

Not crazy at all. I actually have found several entries on Apple's forums and not a single person has done anything about it in terms of calling Apple up and getting more info. (Took me several weeks to get to where I am at with this by now). Honestly, I just didn't want to sign up for another account on Apple's forums (mostly due to the fact that I can't change my username once I create one) just to answer the questions. Here I can just post. I'm glad you found this thread though.

I however have good and bad news. Turns out this is expected behavior in terms of what's support to happen now for the first half of this issue (i.e. the waking up from sleep whenever you plug or unplug power from the laptop). Seems this is a change Apple had to put in to meet some kind of European Power Conservation standard. Ya, whatever... I'm not buying that one, not without some more details explaining the technical aspects of it. It just doesn't make sense to wake a system up like that. How is that more power efficient than letting it sleep though that plug and unplug process.

As for the additional hibernation that it goes into when plugged into power and left asleep for more than an hour like that, that doesn't make sense either and seems reversed. Why enter hibernation to same more power when you're plugged into power but not do it when you're on battery to actually save battery?

Anyway, both of these additional questions have gone back to engineering to get answers for. Lets see what I get back.

I will say this... if you have Apple Care on your system, please call into them and voice your concern for this. It doesn't seem correct in behavior and unless I get some really logical/technical explanation back as to why it does this to conform with that EU guideline, I'm not buying it. Seems too much like the usual type of response Apple gives when something doesn't work right. It's either we're doing it wrong or they're doing it right because of some guideline they're following, but it's never a mistake on their part.

I've lost count how many times Apple has made mistakes and not fessed up to what the root causes were. It's always been up to the public to find out themselves. Case in point, this week's DND issue on the iPhone. The detailed answer was discovered and provided to the public by someone other than Apple.