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Looking at the bigger picture
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Re: Report links...

Taplin is a Hollywood insider that failed at an attempt to launch an online video streaming company... he obviously blames piracy for his failure to become rich. The Annenberg Research Institute (who published the report) is funded by Warner Bros., Sony, and a myriad of other companies, I would hardly consider it unbiased.

As far as the content of the report, I don't doubt that many companies ARE making money off of piracy but their belief that it makes any difference shows that they are out of touch with reality. They see piracy akin to terrorism; cut off the funding and it will disappear. The thing they don't understand is that it has nothing to do with the money, they are only piggybacking on the pirates (you will find capitalists everywhere!!. Who advertised on Napster when it started? Who funds Usenet where you can find pretty much anything? Even if you were able to take every single cent away from piracy, it would continue.