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Macon, GA
reply to jimbach13

Re: no speakers after windows 8 upgrade

I found that I had to go into the control panel under sound and change the speaker selection. For some reason my computer does not like digital speakers.


Blackwood, NJ

I ended up reinstalling windows 7. Even then, I still had speaker problems. My speakers have just one black plug, which always went into the black input, for the rear speakers. After going back to windows 7, the black input wouldn't work. I tried the other inputs, and finally got sound out of the front speaker jack...can't remember the color off the top of my head. At least at works. I will probably give windows 8 another shot in a few months. I was starting to like it after a few days, but for now, I am happy to have sound. I should have tried the other inputs before I rolled back the OS

Thanks guys!

West Tenness

Why didn't you just install windows 8 on another partition then you could have both?