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Oswego, IL
reply to MediacomChad

Re: [IL] Ultra 50- slow upload and newsgroups

chad~ there is a head end problem in the docsis servers in my area this was the 4th call the tech received on this issue.. they told me till that issue is resolved they weren't able to help me, other then, to fix and replace connections in a mist of that helping. clearing up some noise..

they said no tech over a phone or internet would see the issue as the modem and connection would be good but not bound to 2 channels. only one as there is a issue with a false channel read from the cable modem. as they called the support at the office where the head end is and reported, my connection was only using 1 channel.

that's why i wasn't receiving my normal upload and erratic download speeds.

btw i didn't get just one tech to roll out i had 2.. one was outside and one was inside.. those guys were great.. very knowledgeable.

also told me my router was quite old (wrtn300) with new firmware from wrt-dd so ill be upgrading so there is less issue in the future.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
Good to hear. Keep me updated as to any other issues you have.