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Re: New Scam???

There have been a few scams in my area where they just want to get inside to case your place and see if there's anything worth stealing later.

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Standard sounding 'slammer' deal - you let him in, he proceeds to point out all the safety and code issues with your furnace / water heater / gas service; sign here, we'll fix it all up for you, for a reasonable monthly fee...

At least he walked off nicely, and didn't make a fuss...

Hi there
Lachine, QC
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Looks like these scams are getting more popular, even here in Quebec. Hydro solutions, the water heater renting company, actually just called me with a recorded message that there have been reports of people pretending to be inspecting/working for them and wanting to work on the water heaters.


Oakville, ON
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If its Ontario there's a good chance it's these guys:


They come in, make up a bogus work order and have you sign it. They create a false impression they are government officials without actually crossing the line and saying so.

Keep Fighting Michael

It ticks me off when they pose as if they are affiliated with government. I think that is why people fall for them.

Barry White
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A couple years back a woman was going door to door in my neighbourhood saying that people in my neighbourhood needed to pay 15 bucks to have our dogs licensed and that if we didn't we would be charged. She had this clip board with her with a bunch of blue paper work clipped to the board.

When she came to my door and she laid her crap speech on me about how we had to have a license for our dogs and that we had to pay her 15 bucks right there and then for each dog we had i told her to go fuck herself and there was no way i was giving her 15 bucks per dog and i didn't know who she was or who she worked for, she then said that the police will be in contact with me and my dogs would be taken away, to this day i am still waiting for the cops and for my dogs to be taken away.
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reply to CanadianRip

said by CanadianRip:

If its Ontario there's a good chance it's these guys:


They come in, make up a bogus work order and have you sign it. They create a false impression they are government officials without actually crossing the line and saying so.

Interesting home page.... "the amount of carbon monoxide produced by Ontario households steadily increases each year..."

These "experts" don't seem to know the difference between CO and CO2!

Elwood Blues
Somewhere in
reply to lugnut

Thank you Mike Harris for deregulating the marketplace. It allows scammers like this to flourish


Barrie, ON

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Re: New Scam??? 'Just Eco Savings'

Even tho I have a No Soliciting sign on my front door! grrrr,

..I had the Eco Thermostat, "you need a Smart Home thermostat connected with your Smart Meter" scammers here today in Barrie. The guy made it sound like it was a mandatory free upgrade like the other smart meters, it's not.

This wonderful "Government Approved" smart device sets your furnace and Air Conditioning to the weather, the R value of your walls/attic, your furnace capacity..

I said I'd rather get a NEST thermostat, He tried to argue that the NEST is expensive (long term it's Cheaper then his scam and without a contract, lol) ..And people can't just instal their own Thermostat! lol, Watch the Nest instal videos, most people can instal NEST themselves!

The company was "Just Eco Savings" if you research them it's a total rip off, tricking you into a contract. The guy said it was free, but I would see a extra charge on my monthly gas bill, but the alleged savings would off-set the charge.

Once your hooked into their scam, people on the net are saying the buyout option on the 5 year contract is $545 + $135 per hour service charge to re-install your old Thermostat and they charge for Tech travel time, about 2 hours total billable hours.

Luckily he excused himself and scurried away when I asked if he had a flyer about this and that I would be checking it on the internet. He knew his game for commissions was up when I mentioned "Checking the Internet"

Avatars are for posers
Peterborough, ON
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Re: New Scam???

It's funny. When you posted this thread I got a knock on the door the next day. Guess what??

That's right he wanted to inspect my furnace. What if I don't let you in? I say. "I shut off the gas at the meter" he says.

Why are you at my house? "Cause we fixed a fitting at your meter in the spring and we do a follow up on all repairs."

But why do you need to test my furnace if you fixed my meter? "Just routine, we test your exhaust for high carbon something or other levels."

So he tests the exhaust and all is fine. As peterboro's furnace is 23 years old he is relieved.



The fact that he already knew about a specific repair on your system was a tip off that he was legit.

On the other hand, my policy remains the same. If I do business with your company already, then you at least owe me the courtesy of a phone call to set up an appointment to come inside my house.

If you turn up at my door without an appointment, unless you're a cop with a warrant, you're not getting inside.

Otherwise I may as well be letting Charlie Manson into my house for all I know.