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The Desert
·Time Warner Cable
reply to watts3000

Re: replacing home security company

Broadband monitoring is just one of their options. They offer land line, cell. etc as well. My apologies if I wasn't clear.

The one thing I appreciated is our start up was leas than a year ago. We recently moved and the components went with us with ease. I took the system down and re installed and tested in less than two hours. big plus IMHO.

Regarding police response, I could really care less. A txt is sent to my cell as well and I'll probably beat them to the property. All they need to do is clean up the mess.


Kansas City, MO
reply to Hawk
Please stay away from Protect America, they use a UTC Simon panel that is junk and they have their panels hard coded from the manufacturer so they cannot be used with any other provider. Furthermore the send you the sensors with Velcro preinstalled. LOL really, Velcro?!?!


Kansas City, MO
reply to watts3000
I do like broadband monitoring when coupled with cellular backup. I personally use a DMP XT30 with broadband and cell monitoring. System was made in the US, supports zwave and can do pretty much anything I throw at it.

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New Jersey
reply to Bob4
said by Bob4:

In my town, the police response time would probably be under 2 minutes. They take burglar alarm activations seriously.

Quote from one of our detectives:
You're not going to come into our town and break into our houses and not be held accountable. We're going to find you wherever you go in New Jersey.
This was after the detective participated in a 16-member task force to find one burglar, and followed him 100 miles to catch him breaking into a house.

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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..
reply to watts3000
I installed my own security system (DSC Alexor) and had a local security company take over the monitoring. It is monitored via phone line to a monitoring station about 2 miles away from me (just over the bridge in Ludlow, MA). And the response time is quick. I accidentally punched in a duress code by accident and a few minutes later, a cop is knocking on the door. He said "is your alarm going off", and in the absence of the screaming sirens, I called the alarm company and they said they received a keypad distress signal and that is an automatic dispatch. A duress code is when a dirtbag breaks into your home with a gun to your head threatening to shoot unless you disarm/cancel the alarm signal (it silences the alarm but sends a distress signal to the central station, similar to a holdup alarm in a gas station or bank).