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Edmonton, AB

And the winner is... nobody.

The second you start paying for what you want is the second you stop watching commercials because who is going to pay for commercials, right?

"They" won't have that. 80% of the economy is based on the fact we sit and watch commercials. BS you say. 50 years ago I would have agreed. Back when people didn't spend all there spare time watching tv it was local business doing local advertising. Those days are gone and Big business has no way to get you to buy their stuff unless we all sit down and watch, listen and then go purchase.

When I say "they" I don't just mean content providers... I mean the Auto, Food, Pet, Sports, Electronics, Entertainment, Pharma, etc. and of course marketing industries. Who are "they" tied too? Your Government, so no help there either. Is there a better way, a cheaper way that works better for you? Yes. Quit holding your breath waiting for the system to work for you and just cut the cord.