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Lake Hopatcong, NJ

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reply to caffeinator

Re: [Free] Best replacement for windows live messenger

said by caffeinator:

TBH, IM is kinda dead. Everything is phone and web based now.

And yet not everyone wants/cares for a smartphone and having it web based is just having a browser open taking up more memory when you can just use a separate program that takes up less.

What Would Earl Do?


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Call it IM or texting or SMS or MMS or whatever... they're all pretty much the same thing (email without all of the options) regardless of the platform. I try to do as much as possible using just a browser, which does actually support just about everything I need to do. And as far as worrying about taking up more memory goes, since my present computer isn't 10 or more years old, worrying about using memory is not something I do anymore.
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