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Hillsborough, NC
reply to Fleeced

Re: [TWC] User Guide/Manual

said by Fleeced:

"Bridging" in this form simply means turning off TWC's router functionality and using your own. At that point your router would handle all the firewall issues, so unless it was turned off, you would still have that protection.

The NAT funtionality on the all in ones (Not just TWC's) is poor at best. If you only have a few devices it works fine, but if you start loading up a bunch of devices, I've heard reports of the all in one routers locking up or rebooting or other strange things because the router can't handle that load, whereas third party routers have no problems. That way all of your protection/routing is handled on your side and you can make changes easier, rather than calling in to have stuff changed (if they'll even support some of it).

We're on the same page re bridging. Just so happens that I lost my network today so having my own router would have come in handy!

I currently have only 5 devices on my network & I don't see it growing by no more than possibly 1 more device. That said, based on what happened today, I may be second-thinking getting my own upgraded router.