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Kenosha, WI
reply to Meatball

Re: SB6141 Firmware Update?

I'd be interested to know as well. I'm still experiencing the same issues, have another tech coming out in a week, but will most likely be contacting tier 3 again shortly after the visit.


Yes and no...

Things had been getting extremely bad over the last week, to the point where I was seeing these disconnects every 10-20 minutes. I finally got pushed up to Tier 3 support and after describing my issue, he looked through things and said it was definitely a problem in the 'neighborhood node'. He needed to send out maintenance, but to do that, they had to send another tech to the house. The other thing he verified was that there should never be more than a single splitter in the entire run before the cable modem. Previous techs had come in here and put 3 splitters in line to knock the signal down. Nice, huh?

3rd truck/tech came by yesterday, and this guys seemed to have a clue. He run full tests on the line which takes a couple of minutes and saw the errors. Apparently most techs run a test for 10 seconds and if they don't see anything they stop, but they should be letting them run for 4-5 minutes. He found I had a bad filter in the drop in front of my house, so he replaced that and redid the ends on the cable. Also pulled out all the extra splitters and things have gotten better.

I ran for almost 16 hours without a single disconnect, but since then I've seen 5 or 6 in the past 12 hours. Better, but I still wouldn't consider it fixed. I still don't think the maintenance guys have been out here because my signals are way high and they don't actually call you and tell you that they've been here. I'm seeing 11-13 dBmV downstream and 30-32 dBmV upstream, which is right on the border of being bad. I'm going to have to keep bothering them if it doesn't clear up

So, to offer some suggestions. First, pull everything that they didn't put in place out of the loop. If you have your own router, modem, splitter, switch, whatever, they're going to try to blame that. Make sure there's no more than 1 splitter before the modem. If you get a tech at your house that seems like he knows what he's doing, get his cell phone number, apparently they still 'own' any calls they've gone to for up to 30 days.

Wish I could offer more...


Kenosha, WI
Thanks for the update Meatball.
Your tier 3 conversation/experience sounds very similar to mine.

I spoke to a tier 3 rep for an hour on Sunday and he witnessed two dropouts while I was on the phone with him. He said he would then try to find another house in the neighborhood on the same upstream as me and monitor both of us to see if we both dropped. If he witnessed this, he could then create a ticket that could be escalated up to a network engineer because it is an "area issue". Of course there happened to be no more timeouts for the rest of our phone call, but he said he would pass it off to a team that monitors these things. I know I experienced several timeouts about an hour after our conversation ended. I have not heard from them, and don't really expect to. I haven't tried to call back and ask for any "monitoring" results since I have nothing to reference, and the tier 3 rep said I didn't have to call back.

The tier 3 tech also scheduled another field tech to come to the house. He said he made notes on the service order so the field tech would know what to test. He is supposed to come out next week. He said if the issue persists, call back within 3 days of the tech visit and I should get transferred to tier 3 right away. I'm sure this will be what I end up having to do. I explicitly asked the tier 3 rep if he thought it was something in my house and he said, with what he had seen, no - it seems to be something on their end.

I am convinced it is definitely something beyond the household. I've tried the modem in several locations, with several different splitter configurations resulting in different signals, all within spec (including a configuration with it being the first leg off of the drop). I still continue to experience all of the same type of disconnects/reboots. The last tech that was out said the signals were good and every time I call they say the signal levels are good.

Please continue to update us, it seems like there are several people with this issue on the forums.


Will do as I find out more. While it's definitely better, I just dropped again. Granted, it's only 5 times so far today, but that's still annoying when you're in the middle of things and the connection drops for 2 minutes. Lost a call with my boss twice today which awesome.

I'm calling the tech on his cell phone first thing AM tomorrow and going to try to get him back here. He at least seemed to care to try to find out what's going on, but these intermittent deals make things even worse.

So basically, I've been having problems pretty much since December 13th and there's no end in site. Once they fix it I'm going to raise heck to get reimbursed for a month of service. Not like it matters, it must be nice to be a monopoly