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reply to TierX

Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

said by TierX:

Most cable operators in North America using Docsis3 upstream channel bonding aren't even using 6.4mhz channels simultaneously with QAM64 in the upstream yet;

There also isn't a need to do this. With channel bonding and load balancing (together) you can just keep adding more upstream channels at 3.2mhz and spreading customers across them.

I mean, great job to toss some "facts" out there about cable systems, but your spin on it wasn't needed or necessarily true. Also the size of the upstream portion of spectrum is changing in the cable industry, and that will (likely) happen before DOC3.1.

I personally feel that intentionally, or unintentionally, you are sowing unneeded FUD, and that it isn't in the spirit of these forums.