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united state
reply to Chubbzie

Re: Hey Suddenlink Cisco modem iss fixed?

I have all the firewall turned off.
Modem is still connected to internet but not to a computer. You can try and see if you can ping it etc.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS 1:
DNS 2:
DNS 3:

Model: Cisco DPC3825
Vendor: Cisco
Hardware Revision: 1.0
Serial Number: 224853131
MAC Address:: 00:22:ce: XXXXXXXXX
Bootloader Revision: 2.3.0_R3
Current Software Revision: dpc3825-v302r12901-091215a
Firmware Name: dpc3825-v302r12901-091215a.bin
Firmware Build Time: Dec 15 2009 17:06:57
Cable Modem Status: Operational

Power Level Signal to Noise Ratio
Channel 1: 9.9 dBmv 40.6 dBmv
Channel 2: 10.3 dBmv 40.9 dBmv
Channel 3: 10.2 dBmv 39.8 dBmv
Channel 4: 10.5 dBmv 40.5 dBmv
Channel 5: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dBmv
Channel 6: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dBmv
Channel 7: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dBmv
Channel 8: 0.0 dBmv 0.0 dBmv

Power Level
Channel 1: 35.2 dBmv
Channel 2: 0.0 dBmv
Channel 3: 0.0 dBmv
Channel 4: 0.0 dBmv


Haughton, LA

Your incoming signal is amped up just a bit high. Throw a splitter on that line to drop the down stream power level. Doc 3 range i think is -8 to +8 db downstream. See if that helps anything


reply to plk

DNS 3:

Should your default gateway be external to your LAN? Just wondering.