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Re: [Help] You guys might know this?

I've had Canon P&S cameras that charge the battery while it's still in the camera but each of my Nikons require the battery to be placed in a separate charger that's plugged into an AC outlet. If you want to use the camera while the battery charges then buy a second battery.

Of course the best way to answer this question is to drain the battery and then plug it into the computer overnight. I've found most cameras lose power when plugged into a computer but maybe Nikon has decided to follow Canon's lead.

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There is no separate AC charger. No information is provided concerning the need for a separate charger. There is no information concerning charging via computer.

The AC Adaptor plus into AC source. In my case it is a wall unit. The adaptor has no fixed wire. The USB cable plugs into one side of the USB port on the AC Adaptor. The other end of the cable plugs into a device with a micro port.

The Nikon and two of my cell phones have the same port. In each case I see a green light if -- and only if -- there is a proper connection between the AC source and the unit.

I would never dream of using a camera while it is tethered to a charging unit. It may come to pass that a freshly charged Li.ion battery is a better choice.
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