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Rochester, NY

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reply to ej89

Re: [DSL] May have run into a 100GB "stealth" cap on F

I have been with Frontier for about 10 years here in Rochester I am on the merchants CO. I know allot about them. And I can tell you that Frontier doesn't cap us here in NY. Not in the way you are asking about. But they do cap us all by just selling more bandwidth than they provide. Back to the problem you have had with D/L speeds. Mine started about four or five days ago and I did allot of testing to find where the trouble was. The answer just showed its self tonight. Frontier was making changes to their network. I know this because I had to reboot to get inet working. I got a new IP address this eve so my gateway is different. The things I found while testing was that speed tests that were outside of Frontiers network My speed had dropped to dial up speeds and my U/L was still good but I could still get good D/L speeds on a few outside tests and most of Frontiers still gave good speed test results I was also able to do Netflix in HD even though many of the outside tests showed dialup D/L speeds.

Just did some speed tests and guess what My D/L speed has been lowered again.