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Granite City, IL

[Email/WebMail] Charter SPAM Filter Blocking GOOD Email

Hello. Just started having this problem with Charter Mail. I have been receiving mail from an employer for a training class, and have been sending mail back and forth for a few days. All of the sudden, I find that I cannot send reply messages to this person because: 550 5.2.0 - Message identified as SPAM - Please visit »www.charter.com/postmaster E5110. Now, I KNOW for a FACT that the RECEIVER of these messages did not identify them as SPAM, I am an employee, and in his training class. SECOND, they have decided to BLOCK me from sending or forwarding messages to MY OWN G-Mail account. I also KNOW for a FACT that I did not BLOCK MYSELF on G-Mail from sending myself E-Mail from Charter.net. Same error: 550 5.2.0 - Message identified as SPAM - Please visit »www.charter.com/postmaster E5110. I contacted Charter Tech Support, and they TRIED to convince me that this was a MICROSOFT problem because I'm using Outlook 2007 and I need to adjust MY OWN SPAM filters. When I explained to him that it was and ERROR 550 which corresponds to a CHARTER ERROR, he STILL maintained that I should use Charter Web Mail instead of Outlook. I did happen to check my Web Mail today, and found an email from my blocked employer in my Junk box, and tried to reply to it as suggested by Tech Support. It was STILL blocked. So, according to Tech Support, once an address is identified as SPAM there is NOTHING they can do. I've forwarded the messages to unblock@charter.net like it says on their website, but CLEARLY, this is an issue that HAS to be fixed. There seems to be NO WAY to fix this, which is going to be a big problem. A NEW E-MAIL address is not going to be the answer, because, these addresses are seemingly in the SPAM filter, so, they are like forever forbidden, so, the people I am E-mailing would have to change THEIR E-mail address.

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A 550 error is returned by any SMTP server which doesn't like an email message. This does appear to be the Charter message submission server choking. Can you not use your Gmail account with the Gmail message submission server? I have successfully used 'smtp.gmail.com:465' with SSL enabled.
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