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I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
reply to davidhoffman

Re: broadband internet install at a local dallas hotel

said by davidhoffman:

A continuous reliable 18Mbps Hotspot can exist in Dallas inside a building? And what about overage charges for cellular mobile internet service used similarly to a cable or DSL connection?

It really depends on where it is, but I have not had many problems there. I have got over 60mbps on AT&T LTE speedtests there. Also, he never specified what he will be using the connection for or what part of Dallas.

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Warner Robins, GA
I guess since Texas is the home of AT&T they might get some great cellular broadband there compared to some other places. They have improved service here in central Georgia, but performance and coverage in some areas is poor compared to Verizon. Inside buildings with lots of metal surfaces is the worst. I was thinking a ballroom might have just enough metal lighting, structural support, and HVAC to make a stable continuous connection difficult to achieve. But you are correct, it depends on the types of usage and the number of clients. Multiple Hotspots carefully placed might service a fairly large group adequately. Interesting cost benefit analysis compared to potential gouge rates from the hotel's ISP or the hotel itself for internet service. There are still "luxury" hotels charging over $10 per day for significantly less internet service than you can get from a Hotspot.