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Re: Need emergency Internet options (for 10+ days)

said by IIgs:

Due to circumstances, I will be staying at a house for 10 days which has NO Internet services whatsoever (or TV for that matter, argh), just a POTS telephone landline.

The thing is, I absolutely need an Internet connection of sorts for at least the basics...e-mail, online banking, etc. And I don't have a smartphone! Just wondering what options people here can recommend for those 10+ days...

Dial-up? Wireless service? WIFI?

-I was thinking maybe a USB or PCMCIA plug in card through Telus or another carrier, but not sure what the initial setup cost is. Or if it's even reasonable looking into for jus a week or two.

-No unsecure WIFI signals in the area, and I don't know any of the neighbors to ask about sharing.

-Dial-up might be an option. I found a bunch on freedomlist.com but which one is the most reliable and inexpensive? Don't even really want to consider dial-up, but hey, if you're desperate, might be my only viable choice.

Hah, any chance Bell still offers dial-up with their DSL packages? I have a family member with 'Internet Essentials', maybe I could use that with their B1xxx number and password?

Anything else someone here can think of would be great.

If you really need dialup »295.ca/