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[Connectivity] No service, no support

So Internet and phone is out. Can ping default gateway on wan, but that's it. It's not passing any data. Tried calling support. I get the message "this department is closed for the evening, please call back" are u serious? What kind of company is this with millions of customers but no 24x7 support? Hell i would be happy to talk to someone in india!! I called 1-800-Comcast ... Is there a better number to call? Is anyone else having issues in Michigan? Cable modem shows good signals, router gets a WAN ip, but that's it. What a nightmare..

Snohomish, WA
It sounds like you called billing, or some other day time only dept.
try this instead
"Our agents are available by phone 24/7.
1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)"

I called 1-800-COMCAST .. I guess next time i will try the number you listed.

Well they fixed it.. 3am..

for the past few weeks been having terrible speeds, youtube not able to stream even 480 video. lucky to get 5mbs down

»[Speed] slow d/l speed in detroit

So the network drops out for a few hours then its back BLAZING fast. My guess its they swapped out a router or something? dunno. but its working. Pretty crappy to have a complete loss of service tho..