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Hawkesbury, ON
reply to Gone

Re: [INTERNET] What happended to the Pro Package?

That's the problem, I had 15 MegaBYTES per second and now it's megabits. I called to upgrade and Turbo 14 is the highest they said I could get here. I'd really like something faster though and price is not an issue. Is there any way I can opt for like a business package that's faster? Even if it's 150 + $.

If the infrastructure was already there to support it, I don't understand why they wouldn't offer it any more?

Okay my bad, was sure speedtest measured in MBps as default. Thought I was getting 1.7 MBps usually when I tested, turns out I've been getting 200 kbps? Think that might be on the low end.


·Cogeco Cable
15MB/s would be 120Mbit/s, so no, you never got that.

I moved in August and downgraded from Pro to Turbo 14, the bandwidth is still acceptable.. but the combined monthly usage cap is unacceptably small, it saddens me that Cogeco won't make publicly available a timeline for migration to DOCSIS3.. or even an aggregated list of areas where it's available.

Their social networking presence, and employees like Aaron, might make them seem pro-consumer.. but they're fairly allergic to transparency.

So, If you believe you're not getting what you paid for, contact Cogeco.. and maybe the CCTS.

Sometimes I'm rude, this is known.