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Red Deer County, AB

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reply to Slack

Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

Look at this ladies, loaded 3 1080p HD test videos on Youtube at the same time, imagine that! You should definitely switch to a Telus reseller. I'll even pay your first month so I can bid you farewall.

Really struggling here with my terrible Shaw routing, saturated node issues here, help me someone. It's definitely nothing on my side of things...


Impressive. You almost reached my maximum. How about downloading a BD50 disc off usenet, playing 3 4k YouTube steams and bragging about your internet connection more than trying to help keep from Shaw losing a customer. Really, nobody gives a shit what you can do with your connection. If you can't help the fellow out, stfu.


Red Deer County, AB
Got 3 videos streaming along at 1080p now. Really are some nice videos on youtube, isn't there? Some nice high quality videos to test issues. Anyone wants, can come over and stream youtube all day long here. No charge, unless you want your own VM on my hyper-v machine to play with

Also, Shaw is better off without a customer like him. He's more of a pain to deal with than to keep him. It's part of business. Some just aren't worth the hassle to have.