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reply to rustydusty

Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

said by rustydusty:

I've never used the Shaw DNS for a personal preference, not because theirs has issues. You need to go take your A+ again as you've fallen far off the basics.

If only your networking skills were as good as your video recording skills, we wouldn't be having this discussion .

Funny a machine can move like that recording video any still have "hardware issues" eh? Can figure that out but don't know what a speed test is... And you question my troubleshooting process...

If you read, I wasn't epeening when i said i was running proliants like you think. not everything is a pissing contest as it seems to be from your perspective. I said it because they are proprietary hardware with no assembly required on the admins part.

A+ is irrelevant, you can't misconfigure it if you don't touch the hardware configuration. Its tested business level hardware. I know it was a bad attempt at humor but it goes to show that you really aren't reading anything posted.

More things I already mentioned in previous posts.. would quote it again but you likely would chose to overlook it a second time. Wasted enough time already trying to get through to you. People can read it for themselves.