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Fairfax, VA

[VA] Modem Purchase - Ultimate Package

I usually buy my Cable Modems and I'm thinking of upgrading to Cox's Ultimate tier. Not sure which modem I should buy.

I was looking these 2 modems, is one better than the other on Cox's service?

- Motorola SB6141
- Cisco DPC3010

I'm sure it depends on the area I'm in the Fairfax/Falls Church, VA area if that makes any difference.

Omaha, NE
cox stores usually carry one model, but both can be bought elsewhere.


Oklahoma City, OK
I prefer the Moto after some recent problems with the 3010. Look for a 6141 or 6180 for 8x4 bonding.

My 6121 is more stable than my 3010, but it only has 4x4 bonding. I'll live with that as a tradeoff for the increased stability.


Mesa, AZ
reply to Shadowdane
Just today I picked up the SB6180 from my local Cox store, even though the website said Cox doesn't sell modems (only Gateways). The guy helping me said they recently got them back.
I believe it was $90
I upgraded from Preferred to Premier, plus my old modem was DOCSIS 2.0 and 5 years old.
I'm in AZ.


Metairie, LA
·Cox HSI
·AT&T Southeast
reply to Shadowdane
SB6141 has a MoCA filter built-in. That means one less piece of equipment you need later, and one less device in your signal path.

MoCA is is what whole-home DVR's and a few other future devices use to communicate. It's basically ethernet over coax, and the signal will interfere with cable modem operations.

Aside from that, Motorola generally has been making better products than Cisco's consumer division lately.

Some people would recommend the SB6180. SB6141 and 6180 are both DOCSIS 3.0 with 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels. Performance should be pretty much identical. If Cox is pushing the SB6141 in your area, I would get it over the SB6180. Running supported equipment will make troubleshooting easier later if needed. If the techs in your area see a lot of 6141's and never saw a 6180 before they just wont be familiar with it's behavior.

Get the SB6141.