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Dr Facts

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Re: Teksavvy Voltage motion - Looking for some advice

>Apparently, representing yourself can be a gamble,

It really is and when you go without a lawyer you're not working within the system and that rarely goes well.

It's like walking into a dark forest without a guide, theoretically you can do it, after all it's just walking! but in reality you'll end up falling off a cliff that a guide with experience could have seen coming.

You have to remember in court there is no undo, when you say something stupid that hurts your case, that's it you're done.

If you've gotten notice from TSI that Voltage has you in their troll-sights start looking at lawyer options now so that if the judge in two weeks gives them your name and number you can hit the ground running.

It can't be said enough, they're bullies they'll only go after the vulnerable and those would be anyone without a lawyer.