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Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

Political arguments like this are hilarious

We have some posters here telling Democrats to stop crying about this and how it IS NOT POLITICAL BUT MAKES SENSE

Nevermind that these same posters are found on several forums on this site crying about every topic known to man and how the issues have to do politicals and how everyone is against them and bias, etc...The hypocrisy and stupidity is astounding.

It's like when Republicans tell Democrats to STOP BRINGING UP RACE yet I can't seem to go an hour without seeing either racial slurs, stories, or conspiracies with Democrats.


Mesa, AZ
·Sprint Mobile Br..
·Cox HSI

Both sides are guilty of every single thing that each side says the other is guilty of.

The left vs right game is a big ball of shit that just leads people to vote for their team as if it is a football game, and it should really die IMO. I get called a conservative all the time when I express views that are traditionally considered libertarian, namely because the guy giving me that label wants to demonize me just because I don't share his view on that particular subject.

This kind of thing is really stupid and it needs to stop. I don't even vote anymore because the whole thing is just out of control. I've seen too many times where somebody votes for a given candidate just because their friends are voting for them, or because (and I shit you not, this is what a voter told me) they are voting for Obama because they like seeing a black man in office.

The issues aren't even important anymore, all that is important is image. I don't want to participate in an election that is just one big joke.


reply to Bill Neilson

You are the first one to bring up race in this news item.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

I am bringing up the hypocrisy of race arguments....not that anything in this article has to do with race.

Did that point really fly over your head?