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Brampton, ON

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[Ultra/Lite] Express Pass (aka Speed Boost) not working

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Express Pass (aka Speed Boost)

Firefox -
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IE 9 -
I am on Rogers Lite and have used the "Speed Boost" (now called "Express Pass") for the past few years to occasionally download large files e.g. Garmin map updates.

»www.rogers.com/web/content/inter ··· resspass

I just used it without any problems on Dec 21/12, to download map updates, but today it will not work on IE 9 or FF 17.01.

Firefox gives a message that I need to install Java , which I don't have...and don't want, on my system.

IE 9 gives a message about "Speed Preview", which is a different option to increase speed for 30 days and is by invitation only from Rogers.

Any other Rogers Lite users here been able to use the Express Pass? With or without having Java installed?


(In the meantime, I am going to try to get through to Rogers Support.)


EDIT: I called Rogers. The support CSR was not all that familiar with Express Pass. He initiated a modem reboot and suggested I go ahead and install Java with the assumption that the Express Pass now required Java to function.

After installing Java, Firefox gives the same error message as IE 9 but the Express Pass still does not work in either browser.

I will try again next week but I will now speculate that perhaps Rogers has removed the Express Pass option? Or the fact that I am on an old SB5100 modem now removes the option?