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Irish Shark
Play Like A Champion Today
Las Vegas, NV
reply to VegasG

Re: Century link -- Recent changes that you may not noticed

said by VegasG:

.... If it's not fixed within the next forty eight hours, I'm done. Cox Cable has comparable plans in Las Vegas ....

I have had Cox in LV for 10 years after moving here. Not a single complaint, call to tech support, or a tech visit.

If you are serious about Cox, why wait any longer?

This is one of the reasons that I am following CL. I wanted to see how the LV folks are doing before I might make a change.
"You can observe a lot by watching". Yogi Berra

Vegas Guy


Well, I didn't need any confirmation that cancelling CenturyLink was a good idea but they decided to hit me with a $16 fee for cancelling the account despite being a customer for more than a year.

I'm off to the public utility commission sites here in Nevada to file a complaint.

What a disgusting way to do business from a pathetic excuse for an ISP.