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London, ON
reply to elwoodblues

Re: Ontaro Labour Law question

said by elwoodblues:

said by dirtyjeffer:

it doesn't look like they are abusing the laws, but are certainly putting the gears to their employees...of course, as a free market, it is why they can't retain staff, and will continue to do so provided they don't make improvements.

If you think about it, you have a store staffed with people making 10 bucks an hour, who cares about the turnover, you got warm bodies selling you wares with stars in their eyes of big commission cheques.

well, it really depends on the business and the demographics of your customer base.

knowledgeable, experienced sales staff can help consumers purchase products more suited for their use (which can reduce returns and dissatisfied customers) as well promote the advantages/benefits of higher tiered products (which are also usually more profitable)...back in the days, it was one of the things i was proud of about myself...i was more knowledgeable about the products and industry than likely 99% of the people in the city, but that doesn't matter to customers who want to buy the $299 TV or $18 walkman (think of a top surgeon, working in a walk-in clinic dealing with runny noses, constipation and scraped knees)...in the end, too many consumers (in the AV industry) only care about the price, so that is what most mainstream brands have worked on over the years, how to make things cheaper...it's the "Wal-Mart" mentality, and it is ruining many things.
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Elwood Blues
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I'm just as guilty about shopping on price, but then I'm an informed consumer, I've done my homework I know what i want, and I just want the lowest price.

Back in the day there was no internet, so "price shopping" from the comfort of your chair didn't exist.
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