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North Tonawanda, NY
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Buffalo Cell Phone Internet

Well, for one Wireless speeds in Buffalo aren't THAT bad, though yes with Sprint in the equation that will really bring the results down. Too many folks out where I am have to use 3G for Internet because no one wants to run DSL (Frontier, Verizon) or Cable (Time Warner, Comcast?) to them without having to take out a large loan to get service by running a cable 6 poles down the road. A lot of those folks are using grandfathered unlimited plans for that too, or are on resellers who offer "Unlimited" data but at throttled speeds after a certain point.

Not to mention the fact that many of the towers not in Buffalo or a Suburb are still on Copper T1s rather than Fiber, even though Fiber is available isn't helping too much. Those same towers are still running older 3G gear and LTE could be considered "extended" in those regions, but doesn't achieve more than 4Mbps/1Mbps if it ever comes in.

Overall I'm glad we're called the slowest in the country. Not because it's a good thing, but because it shows the downfalls of Wireless technology and it will probably start kicking a few folks in the rear if they take metrics like this seriously. Maybe it will inspire folks who also don't put their smartphones on Wi-Fi in their home to reconsider as well.



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I agree, wireless shouldn't have to be used as a replacement for wired broadband, wired broadband is way more efficient and cheaper for the consumer, especially with the explosive growth of video.

I use up to a Terabyte a month, mostly on streaming video. As much as wireless operators want to pretend wireless can support home use, it can't. Even capped plans from cable companies like comcast give you 250GB. it would costs thousands of dollars to pay for that monthly over wireless.
Companies touting wireless for home internet access are doing it for one reason only - they can charge more for it.
it is not a suitable replacement.

And bandwidth usage at home is only going to increase. People who want everything to be wireless are fools.
People should use wifi at home, it's cheaper and actually saves battery life on most smartphones, Unfortunately people are also lazy lol.

Fort Erie, ON
reply to Smith6612
said by Smith6612:

Well, for one Wireless speeds in Buffalo aren't THAT bad

Well, compared to the performance of the LTE and 3G-they-call-4G that's on the Canadian side of the border, it is bad. When I feel like bleeding my bank account dry by roaming, I am shocked at just how slow data access in Buffalo and even NFNY is through AT&T. I've been planning on picking up a T-Mobile SIM for the last while to save on roaming, and I can only imagine how much worse the data is on that network even though they now have HSPA running on 1900MHz.

Having said that, you guys get it for less, so it's a trade-off I guess.