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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to MURICA

Re: Open Mind

said by MURICA:

Oh please. Carrying a 480i SDTV channel accounts for basically zero bandwidth use on a digital cable system. Time Warner could drop a single analog channel off their system and free up space for a dozen digital SD channels.

Time Warner will carry crap like the "Gospel Music Channel" but they won't carry an important world news broadcaster.

Capacity is a lame excuse when we aren't even talking about a HD channel here.

I'm sure reclaiming that 7% of a single QAM256 channel and the 3 Mbps of bandwidth Current TV uses will free up enough capacity to compete with Google's 1 Gbps fiber product.

I suspect more people watch "crap like" GMC than Current.

This isn't about about AJ-E. Its about Current.

AJ's purchase signals an influx of cash into the failed enterprise - an opportunity for TWC to renegotiate. Its all about money, not editorial bias.

Myself, I find AJ-E has more "news" than CNN, and ironically, with less anti-American bias.