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Etobicoke, ON
reply to d4m1r

Re: [Cable] Youtube lags at night still, upgrade cache servers?

said by d4m1r:

How long is quite some time? I've never had this issue before...Until this week, so I'm glad this thread came up. I'm in Ottawa West btw and I'll be checking next week I guess...

Then you're lucky. Lots of people complain about the poor performance with YouTube and not being able to be fed the content fast enough to ensure smooth playback which meant users had to buffer quite a bit of the video before hitting play otherwise it would stop / be choppy during playback. There was a thread where someone had looked into the issue a bit closer and found when hitting a YouTube node on Google's network the performance was fine but when it hit the local cache there was a huge drop in the speed with which the content was being streamed. Possibly the cache was maxed out for capacity?

I would hope at least a year before having to do any upgrades if not longer.