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West Chester, PA
reply to VirtualLarry

Re: Upgraded to Quantum 50/25 But Still Need to Improve Wireless

said by VirtualLarry:

So would that make it an "F" model?

Why not look at the label on the router, or go to the system monitoring page to confirm rather than guessing.

The rev. F is draft 802.11n and does 65mbps, not N150.
said by VirtualLarry:

Anyways, I get 35Mbit/sec down through it over 2.4Ghz wireless, with my N150 laptop. It shows a connection rate of 65Mbit.

That's about right for a rev. F.
said by VirtualLarry:

I had them configured as 5Ghz WDS nodes

That's going to cut your potential speed in half. A network extender (WDS) consumes half its bandwidth receiving and the other half transmitting.

Your best bet for improving wireless speed is to go with a wired connection to the 5Ghz APs. Either cat5 or MOCA (coax) will get you plenty of speed to the APs.
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