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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to itguy05

Re: replacing home security company

said by itguy05:

I'd say the crooks know even with an alarm chances are they could get in and out before the cops show up. The smart crook casing a joint will trip the alarm a couple times to measure the response time.

Yeesh, I doubt thieves will case a house like that (Stores ya, houses not if it's middle class).

I had a thief enter my house through the basement once. They tripped the motion sensor once they got upstairs and ran out before the cops came. He took nothing.

Thieves are cowardly, for a typical house, they won't risk that a cop car was just passing by randomly.

Plus, even if a cop takes 10 minutes to arrive, it makes the thieves be limited in what they take. They can't really load up their car with a big TV in a hurry without the risk of being noticed/identified (plate written down by passing people). Though at night it's another issue. In my case it's to protect the house during the day time when we are at work.

Oh and then there's the fire alarm that's a real bonus. If a fire starts while you're not home, the alarm company will alert the firemen. Even if things are insured, a house fire can cause a lot of personal loss and be a big deal if the house burns down vs. an isolated fire that was stopped early.