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St. Louis MO
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Re: [HSI] End of promotion..what will happen?

said by 88615298:

said by ITICharlie1:

I just used the Chat feature and here is what I was told. I can keep my current speed and modem and pay $47.99 per month, or for $49.00 upgrade to the 30/5 tier...only thing is I keep my modem but still pay the same price as everyone else that they provide a modem. When the time comes I might try to sweet talk the CSR to do something about this because I refuse to go back to ATT. Anyone know if they still give the promotional price after you pay full price for a period of time?

A) It's $50 for 30/4 not $49 for 30/5. And yes I kw that's nitpicky.

B) If you keep your modem you will not consistently get 30 Mbps speeds if your modem isn't a docsis 3.0 modem.

C) Don't forget you cap also goes up from 100 GB to 250 GB.

Personally I'd rather pay $50 for 30 meg and 250 GB cap than pay $48 for 15 meg and a 100 GB cap.

I was quoted $49.00, but what is a dollar. I have a Motorola 6120, so I'm covered for DOCSIS 3.0. So far I have not had a problem with the 100 GB cap, and that is streaming Netfix several times a week, but for $3.00 more a month I would be stupid not to upgrade when the time comes.

I just cannot go back to ATT. I had there Elite service tier 6/1, but every evening it would drop below 2, and never got a good answer on why. Now they don't even offer DSL in my area for new customers, you have to go U-verse.
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