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Philadelphia, PA

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[speed/latency] Verizon DSL Speed & Dedicated DSL Jack Scam!

What ever you do, STAY away from Verizon service in Philadelphia. Verizon is running a SCAM. They sold me 10Mbps DSL service when I switched from cable four months ago. I ran a speed test and discovered I was getting 1989 56k modem speeds, Called Verizon and the ignorant woman in repairs left me a message 1Mbps is good, when I am paying for 10Mbps. I filed a complaint with the PUC and after tomorrow will hire a contractor to repair the damage done by Verizon and take legal action for false advertisement on the DSL. FIOS is not in my area yet. For months Verizon sent one BUM after another out to my home, courtesy of ignorant supervisor XXXXXX, where butchers further damaged wall jacks, disabled working phone lines, the fire alarm system and crosswired two leaving me without phone service. The first line connection resulted with a permanent Attached see pictures of phone jack wired by mentally ill, anxiety suffering Verizon tech XXXXXX. He claims he's been a tech for 25 years, but did not know how to wire a jack. This BUM wasted 4 hours of my time deliberately destroying and disabling jacks, then attached a jumper jack that was miswired, which took out my service. When the supervisor Joe Coyle, shows up, this guy comes out with an attitude. Mind you, he keeps sending one BUM after another. Instead of supervisor XXXXXX being respectful and courteous to a customer, the first thing out of his mouth was "I ain't here to fix anything. I'm here to check the DSL. He then told tech XXXXX to check to see if she has a service plan."

I REGRET switching to Verizon and will advise other potential consumers out there of the POOR Service I received, along with all the property damage. The tech he left, left exposed wired, never connected the wall plate or wires and left, claiming she had another job to go to. She knew full well, that the DSL was reading .22Mbps. Verzion hires bums WITH NO WORK ETHIC who falsify work orders.

Go to ookla or speedtest dot net, to check your internet speed and you too may find out, what you are paying for is not what Verizon is delivering in internet speed.

A phone company with a 15 minute wait time. Sad.
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