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Modoc, IN
reply to Smith6612

Re: [DSL] Milking Frontier for all their network is worth

Frontier's area supervisor called me just now asking what's going on as I called him during his vacation and told of some issues happening with my 12mbps order. He told me as far as he knows, VDSL isn't available at my CO so the only way to get 12mbps service is through bonding of two lines at my house. He said he'll be checking to see for sure if VDSL is available with the networking equipment in the CO--if there's a different line card or DSLAM supporting VDSL that I can be put on, and if not, we can do ADSL2+ bonding if the order for it has been put through.

He confirmed the way bonding would work: I get a new modem and they run a second wire pair to my house (or connect a second in the office), then run CAT5 from the NID to the new modem, and the new modem does the bonding on my premises, so from the outside it just looks like I have 2 separate 7mbit connections, when bonded, function like a 12mbit line.

We'll see. Customer service told me it would be Monday before I would know for sure if the order for 12mbps service went through, and this supervisor is checking either tonight or on Monday, as I doubt he works weekends. Taking a hint from the customer service reps, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for 12meg service by Monday night!
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