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[AZ] Getting support without being account holder?

So I've been having some intermittent issues with my connection in the past couple months. Websites will fail to load without multiple refreshes, major lag in online games which sometimes results in full disconnects, etc. I've had the connection here for about 3 years and have never experienced anything like this. And it seems to be an everyday problem now. Normally, I would call right up and get it handled, but my issue is that I am not the account holder.

I live in a condo with a roommate and his father is the account holder. Before I go to him and complain about what's going on, I would like to find out if there's anything I can personally do to remedy the situation. Any suggestions are welcome.


Phoenix, AZ
if you are not the account holder tech support will still troubleshoot with you and schedule a tech if need be, they just cant make any changes or give out account info is all

Gilbert, AZ
reply to Shaun
You might ask the father if you can have the PIN (from the billing statement) for the account if you have a problem getting anything done without it.


reply to m8trix
I am not sure about a tech run as those could cost money. So I do not know if a none account holder could do that?


Broussard, LA
I believe that you're only charged for it if the problem is on your end, and even then, it's at the tech that comes out's discretion.

Glendale, AZ
said by FourWheelKid:

I believe that you're only charged for it if the problem is on your end, and even then, it's at the tech that comes out's discretion.

Thing is that is not known ahead of time so account holder would need to agree to that possibility.

Omaha, NE
reply to Shaun
what modem? signal levels?


reply to Shaun
Cox will troubleshoot with anyone and also set up a tech visit with anyone too. If the wire maintenence plan isnt on the account already, the account holder might want to add it if the issue is with wiring inside the home. anything on Cox's side (pole or box to the outside of the house) as well as Cox owned equipment is covered.
No point getting the Pin from the account holder. If you arent Authorized to make changes (and doesn't sound like that is what you're trying to do anyway) having the pin won't make any difference. As long as you can give an address and/or phone number so Cox can pull up the account, you can troubleshoot all day long.
First step is to call and see if troubleshooting can help identify the problem.
Hope this helps!

Gilbert, AZ
Oops, I forgot that I had to have mom add me to her account as well as having the PIN.