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Calgary, AB
reply to Gardener

Re: [AB] Just Got TELUS Bundled Optik TV, 25 Turbo. Some questio

Thanks for the answers folks, appreciate it.

I know its a pain in the ass using ISP emails. But I was never even provided our login email address, or password.

I need the login email address/password to use the Optik Smart Remote App on my iPhone 5.

And to answer the other question, yes is IOS 6.1 or something, the latest one that's out.

Now for some reason, even using the same router password that is a bunch of a letters & numbers, I cannot login to the TELUS Actiontech Router/Modem with my iPhone. When we had Nucleus before, we only had their 6Mbps package, and was using the Apple Airport Router, and it worked fine with all devices, (printer, iPhones, etc.) I cannot even connect my printer to the TELUS Actiontec Router/Modem. Do I have to unlock some ports or something?

Sorry, I am not up to date fully with BroadBand these days... as we are not a fan of Shaw at all, because of their high prices, and our Internet is way faster with VDSL now. I am in a bad area of the City of Calgary where Shaw is not that good in our neighbourhood.

Anyways, is there a way I can use my Apple Airport as the router? The tech that was here didn't know anything about Macs really, he just gave me the information to connect to the router, and the default username/password. He also connected the Actiontec Modem/Router to our Apple Airport. Now, I can connect to the Apple Airport Router with the iPhones we have, and our main printer, etc.. all connects to Apple Airport fine.

I do not even know what our account holders email address is. I am the one who signed the contract, but I was never provided with an admin email address to login on the TELUS website, to make changes, view billing, etc. And can't you add other email addresses once you login on the TELUS page as well? That's how it was with Nucleus.

Don't get me wrong here, the Internet is smoking fast.. we just don't have any login details other than to connect to the Router.

When I phoned 310-MYTV, I talked to one guy first who redirected me to a CS Rep in another department, and said he cannot make any changes until the account drops. We just need 1 extra box for another TV, and the main email address/password, so can login to view billing online, make changes if need be, and add extra emails. Its been over 24 hours now.. so I am not sure if the account has dropped or not..