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Coventry, RI
reply to xmarklive

Re: a company with a box in the living room

"Original Programming" plus a method of delivering it. Between Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and Google, and lets not forget Intel who has also expressed an interest in this concept, there's certainly enough financial might to hire writers and actors and create plenty of content.

But then you run up against the same road block - how to deliver it outside the Cable / Telco rebroadcaster scheme that gets their bread buttered by the 5 (or make that 6 now that Comcast owns NBC) big content owners running the most blatant anti trust violation, apparently blessed by the FCC, we have ever seen.

Here's a thought - the above group, maybe minus Sony since they already have their fingers into the existing content and distribution pie, decide to buy Dish Network or Direct TV, and then offer only their own content, at least at the start, with an entirely different pricing set up.